You Can't Change Your Husband So Stop Being A Control Freak


On those days that you wish you could bring your husband back for repairs.

Maybe the media blows it out of proportion, but it seems like we often spend a lot of time trying to change others around us. After all, the nagging wife and mother has become a cultural stereotype that isn't hard to spot in many popular TV shows and films. We might even think that's how we're supposed to be acting. But is it possible to love someone wholeheartedly and still feel the need to try and "improve" them? Does this make us bad people? Although most of the time we mean well, how is this really affecting our loved ones? And where is all of this need for control coming from, anyway?

When YourTango Experts Senior VP Melanie Gorman and relationship experts Marla Martenson, Carin GoldsteinJen Duchene and Kelly Rudolph talk about ways in which we've all become a bit too attached to control, we couldn't agree more. Sometimes, when . The proverb "When the going gets tough, the tough get going" fits this situation perfectly. Sometimes, it's important that we remind ourselves that we need to accept our significant others for who they are. Isn't that the person we fell in love with in the first place? Letting our need to control take over can eventually take a toll on our relationships.