9 Reasons A Stay-At-Home Mom Is The Hottest Woman EVER

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There is no doubt about it: stay-at-home moms have one of the toughest jobs around. Having to spend the day on your feet all while perfecting your mission to raise your kids with a gentle, guiding touch and a heart full of love is no easy feat. In fact, with hours that transcend the conventional 9 to 5, motherhood can be all-consuming.

That said, being a full-time mother isn't all work and no play.

We're firm believers in the fact that looking hot while rocking a messy bun and grass-stained jeans couldn't come more naturally to moms. The modern-day SAHM has certainly got the sexy superwoman thing down.

So we compiled 9 undeniable (and science-backed!) reasons why stay-at-home moms are the hottest women ever:

1. She has a healthy mindset.
She ensures that she and her family maintain a nutritional and fulfilling diet, which is conducive to a healthy mental state. Psychiatry professor Michael Berk of the Deakin University School of Medicine in Australia stated that "Traditional diets—the kinds of foods your grandmother would have recognized—have been associated with a lower risk of mental health issues." So not only is she psychologically sound, but she's also a ninja at Whole Foods—have you seen her navigate those aisles? It doesn't get any sexier than that.

2. She's resourceful.
With the amount of time and effort that goes into running the household, stay-at-home moms have to be crafty (and we're not talking arts & crafts). Cookbook author and mom Erin Chase even managed to capitalize on this frugality by turning it into a career; known as the $5 mom, her "attention to cost and creativity in the kitchen" actually helped her create the recipe for success for her blog 5dollardinners.com.

According to the Journal Of Financial Services Marketing, resourcefulness in the workplace has a direct correlation to decreased levels of stress and emotional exhaustion. What could be hotter than a woman who is cool under pressure?

3. She's a caretaker.
The word 'mother' is synonymous with nurturing and protecting. According to attachment researcher Alan Sroufe, Ph. D., infants who have a healthy attachment to their moms are much more likely to become self-reliant and have a higher self-efficacy and self-esteem as they grow older. A woman who selflessly puts someone else's needs before her own? Sounds pretty fetch in our book.

4. She's the CEO of her household.
When it comes to calling the shots, she definitely knows how to step up. After surveying over 6,000 stay-at-home mothers, Salary.com found that the average amount of time a SAHM reportedly spends managing the household adds up to 94 hours a week, which is essentially the equivalent of a $113, 568 salary.

The numbers don't lie: she's a boss.

5. She's courageous.
Sacrificing a full-time career for the sake of your family, as most stay-at-home moms choose to do, takes a lot of guts. Plus, many stay-at-home moms report that although the lifestyle is rewarding, it can also be isolating. But they persevere. Many great thinkers have praised courage as the most noble virtues a person can possess. Aristotle discussed courage at great length in his book Nicomachean Ethics, and in Chinese philosophy, courage is believed to be derived from love. 

6. She's a social butterfly.
She surrounds herself with a community of full-time moms for mutual support. According to Baby Center's Social Mom Report, 84% of moms said that they consider their budding friendships with other moms important.

Milly Dawson of Health Behavior News Service recently discussed a study by researcher for the American Journal of Health Promotio, Swati Mukerjee, Ph.D.,which analyzed the impact that friendships have on overall health. According to Mukerjee's findings, the self-reported health status of people — "a strong predictor of mortality" — who had more personal connections was significantly better than those who only had impersonal connections. It's hard to ignore how incredibly attractive her open, kindhearted demeanor is.

7. She's a teacher.
Each day she teaches a full cirriculum of valuable life lessons, from getting along with others to honing new skills. CNN contributor William J. Bennett stressed how monumental "the effect of a good teacher on a child's life is" by referring to a Harvard University study that rated teachers based on their "value-added" (whether their teaching experience improved student test scores), stating that "a good teacher not only improves a child's test scores in the classroom, but also enhances his or her chances to attend college, earn more money and avoid teen pregnancy."

A stay-at-home mom's gives her kids a substantial headstart interacting socially and developing mentally.

8. She's a chef.
According to a study by Cornell University, stay-at-home moms are usually able to spend a bit more time focusing on cooking well-balanced meals whereas, mothers who work full-time may be more inclined to order in (and use those precious freed-up hours to bond with the kids). This lady knows how to throw down in the kitchen.

9. She's a comedian.
Let's face it: The only way you can spend the day entertaining kids without them bursting into tears is by having a sense of humor and not taking yourself so seriously. In an infographic by Musings From A Stay At Home Mom, it was stated that a "preschooler requests his or her mom's attention 210 times a day, or every 4 minutes."

According to Melinda Smith, M.A., and Jeanne Segal, Ph.D. of HelpGuide.org, not only does laughter boost the immune system and decrease "stress hormones and [increase] immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease", it also protects the heart by "[improving] the function of blood vessels and increases blood flow". That's one hot mama.

What did we miss? Tell us what else you think makes stay-at-home moms the hottest women around!

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