You've Been Catfished: Is His Online Dating Profile Real?


Will the real smooth talker please stand up?

Honestly, there are so many crazy stories of people who masquearade as others that it makes trying to date online pretty scary. It's almost as if you can never really trust someone you've met on a dating website. It's no wonder that one of the biggest fears that people have about online dating is whether their potential love interests are misrepresenting themselves. That's why the MTV show Catfish is so popular; host Nev totally gets this! But you don't have to be a pro at dating to know that when it comes to finding love in the virtual world, there is always a possibility that you are being duped. You just have to make sure to protect yourself.

In this video, Cyberdating expert Julie Spira discusses ways to find out if your prospective date is who he really says he is. Catfishing has been all over the news but is it really such a problem? With so many people being tricked online, finding ways to avoid becoming a victim is imperative. For starters, scheduling dates through video is a great way to see who you are talking to (and figure out if they're who they say they are). Don't let yourself become internet famous for being a pawn in this cyber liar's dating game.