Get Rid Of That Checklist: Find Love By Finding Yourself First

couple talking

People often have unrealistic expectations that lessen their chances of finding Mr. or Mrs. Right.

When finding a mate, men and women generally have a checklist that a potential lover has to meet. For some that standard can be mostly superficial, being more concerned with physical appearance or financial appeal, while some care more about how that person may treat others and themselves. It is common for people to set unrealistic expectations for potential partners that lessen their chances of finding Mr. or Ms. Right, when they are doing nothing internally to attract who they want externally.

At times, the man who wants a woman with a supermodel body, a healthy sexual appetite, and the personality of a Queen doesn't lead an active lifestyle and may overcompensate for his lack of personality through materialism, which is the opposite of the woman he wants to attract (and a smart woman will ultimately see through that). Equally there are times when the woman who wants the kind, handsome, educated man, who drives a Bentley and wants to take care of her, is not even willing to rise above her present standards to demonstrate the cleanliness, organization, and self-propelled independence she seeks in someone else. This lack of self-reflection can lead to missed opportunities.

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