Protect Your Relationship By Saying Goodbye To Your Ex

Couple breaking up
Love, Heartbreak

Back when we were young, relationships were simple and everyone knew who was dating whom.

Remember the days when you and your boyfriend had the same friends and you all hung out after school? Everyone was in the group — old flames, potential new flames, close friends, and even that one guy that kind of creeped you out.

In the beginning stages of young adulthood, relationships take on a more significant tone. Many of us focus more on our careers, some of us have children to consider, and our significant others now are candidates for marriage. With the maturity in relationships comes a need to make our lovers happy — often sacrificing relationships with certain old flames. Often the main implication of being friends with an ex is the potential for infidelity, while for others who are mature enough he or she is simply another friend of their partner.

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