How To Tell If The Problem's "Not Just Him, It's You" [VIDEO]


Charles Orlando's take on why all of our dates end the same way—terribly!

Before things get messy and out of hand, it's high time that we kept it real with ourselves. After going on bad date after bad date, there's going to come a time where we realize that in all of the terrible situations we've been in (where the guy was totally lame or turned out to be a complete jerk whose interests were not that noble), there was one common denominator. That's right — the reason why we can't seem to break out of this disastrous streak is because our date picker is broken and just plain fried.

Relationship expert Charles Orlando gives it to us straight: To be quite frank, the reason why we think all men are horrible is because we keep going after guys who treat us like crap. If we're ever going to find love or someone that will actually treat us right, we have to be willing to break this cycle of bad dates and just step out of our comfort zone. Instead of falling back into the same pattern, we need to stop chasing after people who . It seriously has nothing to do with being full of ourselves; as strong, independent women, we just deserve better.