Keep Calm And Stop Obsessing Over Finding Your Soulmate

Love, Self

Unless you're Rihanna, forcing yourself to find love in a hopeless place just isn't going to fly.

Somewhere, right now, someone's probably out there looking for their soulmate like a pirate on the edges of their ship. Have you tried checking behind the curtains or looking under the bed? If this sounds ridiculous to you, then you're onto something. Why would you spend your time searching for the perfect person as if you need someone else to complete you? This isn't some 1920's romance novel. You're not going to find the love of your life by casting your net out into the sea and just hoping that you catch the one. It has to start with you.

Dating expert Justin Kelly McClure discusses the fallacy of looking for the one and why your soulmate actually comes from within. Somewhere along the line we've convinced ourselves that we can't be happy in a relationship unless our partner is also our soulmate. But does this perfect person really exist? Is there just one "The One"? The first rule is to start spending less time getting acquainted with Mr. Jack Daniels and more time focusing on your own happiness. Bar hopping won't make dating any easier; do you really think you're going to find the one at the bottom of that vodka tonic you're drinking? 

You need to have a healthy relationship with yourself or all you'll end up doing is settling for less. Once you're happy with yourself, you don't need a soulmate because the right people will come into your life naturally. For more reasons why you should reflect on yourself before you let yourself fall for someone else, check out the rest of the video above.