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Some of you know me as LyndaW, and I felt I had to take some time off to get not only my RL into perspective, but do a ton of research on what we are told from the media, society, religion, experts, education, government, but importantly what are we as human's saying. Good God/Goddess what a quagmire of interpretations of what is and what should be. I also did a lot of research of why we think or are taught what is and what should never be as far back as the 1700s. Who rules what we see, read, think in this country and what other countries believe and do. Thank you Your Tango, you started my journey with your video links of Liz Tuccillo going around the world and getting other countries perspectives. I am the 25% or less they speak about that doesn't count when they say all. So, I have a tendency to argue or state my POV, because dammit us minorities count! All women...nope not me. All couples...nope not us. All do...I don't. etc etc etc So on that note. I am an open minded woman who got her sex ed from books back in the swinging 70's, because sex was one of those things people, education, and parents didn't talk about. We, as a populace haven't come very far. I have been married to love of my life my soul mate since 1986, he and I are almost complete opposites, and we have endured the exotic, erotic, good, bad, pretty, ugly, adventurous side of life, and raising of 2 daughters together. I am wife # 3 marriage # 4, and he is my one and only. I don't know many couples who have lived and loved 24/7/365 for that long under such circumstances so that's what I bring to the table. By adventurous I mean we have lived the corporate life, the island life, self employed, parenting (if you have raised teenagers you know why this fits) life. We have lived on a sail boat, and done 3 month road trips with the girls and together; and yes when I say 24/7/365 - total 4 years = I ~mean 24/7/365. So the advice I give is from what I have always believed, witnessed, asked others and discussed their POV, and read from experts, and researched. You may not agree with me and I welcome most commentary. I am not very politically correct because I just don't get it and gave up, therefore sometimes I seem crass and don't mean to. So here is will I will apologize in advance if I offend, but I won't say I am sorry for being me. I think confidence, not ego, has proven to be the sexiest thing going. More so than looks, money, social status, weight, or gender. Be who you are and know you are beautiful because you are honest with yourself. In the words of Drew Barrymoore "Let your freak flag fly, and if people don't get you move on; because there will be those that love you for who you are and not for what they want you to be, and in life ~that~ is what matters." Be comfortable in your own skin. Be your own best friend and the rest will follow/come. Play the game when you have to to succeed, but remember we all have our business side, social side, personal side, family side, and hopefully find our soul mate to make us complete.