How Can I Stop My Ex From Poisoning My Relationship With My Kids?

Family, Heartbreak

Is it really realistic for you to take the high road every time?

Divorces can be incredibly messy under good circumstances. And when injured feelings are involved, the children can sometimes unconsciously be used as pawns. But what happens when your former partner decides to take it to the next level by bad-mouthing you in front of the kids?

Attorney Katherine Miller discuses how to take the higher ground when your ex bad-mouths you to the kids. It's imperative that your children see you as the loving parent that you really are. While it can be really challenging when you go through a divorce not to say something bad to the kids, forcing them to be stuck in the middle or choose sides will only alienate them. Try your best to explain where the behavior is coming from. This will be very hard to do depending on how old the kids are. You have to remember to make everything about the kids; let them know that even though mommy and daddy disagree on certain things, you both just want them to be happy. The overall point is that you should take the high round every time; if your ex lowers himself or herself to attack you, that is a bad reflection on them, not you.