Honestly, Arguing In Front Of Your Kids Solves Nothing [VIDEO]

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Is the fight really worth it?

It goes without saying that no relationship is perfect. From arguing about forgetting to wash the dishes to just being plain annoyed that they're not listening, we've all gone through moments where we felt like we couldn't stand to be around our significant others without wanting to pick a fight. Even in the healthiest relationships, there will be some disagreements — That's just human nature.

But when it comes to fighting in front of your kids, that's a different ballpark. There's a huge difference between a lover's spat and a full blown war. More often than not, we're too caught up in the (heated) moment to notice that our kids have front row seats. It comes to the point where we have to ask ourselves if it's really worth yelling at each other even if it means that it'll have a negative affect on how they communicate in their own lives. 

We couldn't agree more with how YourTango experts Tammy NelsonRhona BerensMiriam KoveBarbara Becker Holstein and Tara Kennedy-Kline talk about the right way to approach disagreeements in front of the kids. There's a right way to teach them how to fight fair and handle arguments — You just have to be willing to set aside your differences.