This Guy’s Morning Routine Video Just Owned The Internet


He woke up like this.

The comedic geniuses at Buzzfeed are at it again. If you're a guy, it's pretty much a fact that getting ready in the morning is incredibly simple — Which makes watching all of those morning routine YouTube videos kind of hilarious. For starters, we don't need to spend more than 10 minutes in the bathroom. Following weird hair tips isn't on our agenda and  using a special cream that keeps your face smooth and not oily is just a foreign concept overall. Let's be honest; I'm not even sure if most guys bother using a facial wash in the morning because nobody has time for that.

Ladies, have you ever really wondered how guys "style" their hair before they leave the house? Well, it's a simple art that we like to call "the bed head" AKA the way our hair was when we woke up is most likely how it's going to be when we're going out. I can't be the only one who laughed at how completely accurate Buzzfeed's "If Guys Made YouTube Videos Like Girls" series is for almost all guys I know. And if you're not laughing insanely hard at this parody (that's just pure gold), you're doing it wrong.