Terry Crews Stands Against Domestic Abuse In The NFL

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It's time for change.


For the past couple of months, the world has been in an uproar after the revelation of Ray Rice's domestic abuse scandal. After having an argument with fiancée Janay Rice, the former running back for the Baltimore Ravens was caught on camera knocking her unconscious. What's even worse is the fact that commissioner Roger Goodell initially only gave Rice a two game suspension for this issue. Rice was eventually suspended indefinitely and cut from the Ravens roster but this hasn't helped the negative spotlight being shone on the league (especially considering that he was only suspended AFTER the footage was released instead of when the incident was first brought to their attention). The latest to give their opinion on the NFL is actor and former player Terry Crews.

Many people don't know that Crews has played in the NFL and knows what really goes on inside a locker room. During the interview, he explains how some of his former colleagues talked about keeping their wives or girlfriends "in check" and keeping their "pimp hands strong". He went on to discuss how some men, including football players, think they are superior to women — which he rightfully finds disgusting. I have to agree with him on that point. It doesn't matter if she's your girlfriend, your wife or your sister: Just because you get paid millions to play a game, that does not give you the right to put your hands on anyone. Crews makes so many great points in this interview about abusive relationships in the NFL that are definitely needed. Hopefully, the NFL executives will ban together and stand against this violence.