11 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Guy Who Has Everything

Christmas gifts

Think he has it all? Think again!

Although we women are often accused of being difficult to buy for, we find the men in our lives practically impossible. Whether it's your brother, father or spouse, you can never seem to get it right. This year, we finally realized why: they have everything already. If they want something, well, they go right out and buy it — no questions asked, no expense spared. And that leaves us scratching our heads, fumbling about online, trying to come up with something clever and unique, something that will impress them. We think we did a good job this holiday season.

Scroll through the pics and get motivated to shop for the hard-to-buy-for guy in your life. Of the eleven gift ideas for men who have everything, you're bound to come across something.

The Tech Genius

It's Apple's latest and oh-so-cool, and it's sure to please the guy who loves his devices

The Once-Upon-a-Time Musician
Remember when you met and your guy loved playing guitar and crooning tunes? Help him make it a hobby again

First Class Traveler

For your traveling beau, nothing says stylish like a monogrammed toiletry kit

The Comedian
Surprise him with a racy comic book that'll make him chuckle and get excited all at once

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