Getting Divorced? Don't Let Your Kids Get Stuck In The Tug Of War

Family, Heartbreak

Although your marriage ended, your kids' relationship with their parents never should.

When you're married, you don't just share a life together but everything that goes along with it. But in the blink of an eye, this all changes when you decide to get a divorce. You suddenly find yourself back at square one, not only trying to reclaim your life but fighting for what's yours. This definitely isn't an easy process to go through. There are many decisions and negotiations to be made regarding who gets the car, the house and all your other assets. However, compromises over material possessions are a lot easier to make than coming to a compromise over your most important 'prize': your kids. With that being said, how can you and your ex find common ground when it comes to a custody agreement if all you do is fight? Is 50/50 custody a realistic solution?

Once the decision to get a divorce is made, you both have to decide how you want to raise your children. Generally, when a couple first splits, they're stuck in a stubborn stage where they want things to go their way. Coming to an understanding isn't easy in the beginning. You might not want to share your time with the kids, but deep down you know how important it is for them to see their mother or father. 

Attorney Katherine Miller understands just how painful it is to lose time with your children but stresses that their happiness should always be the main focus. Split custody is a major adjustment for everyone involved; that doesn't mean that it can't be amicable at best. If you're feeling skeptical over whether this could work, the video above will show how  learning to cope with a shared custody lifestyle is possible.