Get Ready To Smile: These Are The Secrets To Raising Happy Kids

smiling mom and daughter.

This infographic offers behind the scenes data on what it takes to keep your kids smiling.

When it comes to love, there's no question that its power is all-encompassing. From its ability to instantly relieve stress to bringing complete strangers together in a warm embrace, it's safe to say that love's strength knows no limitations.

In a recent study conducted by our friends at Happify, an app that specializes in bringing happiness and positivity into everyone's life through science-infused games, it was found that there are many factors that can greatly influence behavior during childhood. This infographic tackles the key to raising children in a positive environment that is conducive to their growth — physically, mentally and emotionally.

These stats are too compelling to ignore; check out some of the interesting facts and Happify's full infographic below.

1. Happy kids have a bigger brain.

In order to give your child a better chance at dealing with stress, it is vital to nurture them. Kids with supportive parents are found to have a 10 percent larger hippocamus, which aids in breaking down stress factors. Another significant role of the hippocamus is that it stores and organizes memory. If you want your child to be healthy and carefree, you need to give them the best footing possible.

2. Happy kids have happy parents.

It's common knowledge that anything you say or do can impact your children. This also applies to happiness; a child's happiness is direcly correlated to that of the parent. The best way to help your kids develop strong social and emotional skills is by taking care of your own needs as well. This can refer to scoring a job (either one that you love or one that will cover all of your necessities) or scheduling time for yourself to relax and unwind from a stressful day . Being satisfied with your life is the first step to improving your child's self-efficacy.

3. Happy kids are celebrated.

Rather than simply celebrating achievements or milestones, it's important to praise your kids for their determination and willingness to try. After all, winning isn't everything; it's better to jump back on the saddle than never have gotten on at all.

4. Happy kids are more active.

Make sure that your kids are getting the right amount of exercise. Kids who watch an excessive amount of TV often display symptoms of depression later on in life. While educational television programs can be a great way to broach different topics to your children, it's imperative to motivate them to go outside and play (while also soaking in some much needed sunshine).

5. Happy kids are selfless.

Studies have indicated that children who perform random acts of kindness (from comforting their friends to giving away their favorite toy to someone else who needs it more) are happier than those who don't. Spread the love by encouraging your kids to be generous. A little bit of kindness can go a long way.


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