How To Make The Most Of Your Spring Break

How To Make The Most Of Your Spring Break [EXPERT]
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Try taking a break from technology.

It's spring break! Whether you get the whole week off or have the weekend to enjoy time with friends and family for Easter, spring is a wonderful time of year where we say goodbye to the dreary weather of winter and hello to the sunshine. Whatever you are doing this spring, we have a challenge for you — take a break from the distractions. In other words, put down your phone, get offline, and get outside! 

We love technology. It helps build relationships and grow our businesses, but seriously, you need to take a break. We can get so caught up in the virtual world that we miss the world that is going on right outside our window. Not sure you can stop texting, tweeting, or posting on your facebook wall? Here are some tips to slow down this spring break — even if it is just for a week. If These 5 Things Happen, He's Taking Advantage Of You

Schedule your online time

Just like a diet, where you plan your meals and snacks, plan the time you are going to spend with your tech devices. I manage social media accounts, blog and much more, but for my business I only spend about 15 minutes a day on social media.

Seriously ... this is about breaking the obsessive habits of checking all of your accounts. You don't need to get your validation as a person that way. We aren't saying go cold turkey. Just slow down a bit. 

Go outside

Get some sunshine and raise your Vitamin D levels (directly correlating to your mood, pain response, and immune system function). Get in touch with the world you actual live in. Love Bytes: Too Much Fun (And Sex) In The Sun

Try something new

We can get so routine and stuck in our technologies. Is there a movie or a restaurant that you have been meaning to try? Well, why wait? Go, don't check your phone while you are there, and notice how much more you are aware of what is going on.

Technically, your brain can only handle one function at a time. Multitasking is a farce. The more distractions you add to an experience, the more watered-down your experience becomes. Why do that? Can't You Think Of Anything New?

Evaluate your beliefs

When you have the urge to get online, really look at what is going on. Is the world going to end if you miss a text? Sure, there are times where you need to check your email or phone, but all the time?

Do you believe that without that email you can't function? Well, then maybe technology has become a distraction or a way to cope with your anxiety and fear.

Get face to face

Texting and emails are fun ways to communicate, but look into the eyes of a person and that is a whole other level of intimacy and connection. 

Have a sense of humor

If you really want to try something new, it never is going to go exactly as planned. You don't have that much control in your life, but, your perspective impacts your mood. What Is Mobile Dating? Should I Try It?

So, if you do succumb to the need to check your email, laugh about it and go back to what you originally intended to do. Humans are so driven and get into so many habits. This is only about trying to let go of a dependency and get back into your real world a little bit.

So, you want to take the challenge? 1 week is all we are asking to do something different. You even get to decide how much or little you want to change. After this week, check in with yourself and see what you learn. Maybe what seemed so urgent before isn't so urgent after all. Spring Break: Celebs Who Should Go Away

Maybe you will find something new that you love to do or maybe you will notice a person in your life in a way you never thought before. If you try it, we would love to hear from you about how it goes! Let us know! And if you find any other helpful tips about balancing technology in your life this spring break, let us know!

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