For The Love of Caesar: 10 New Ways

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Zoe Rogers Culinary and Home Entertaining Expert brings you “Caesar Teasers” and more!

For The Love of Caesar: 10 New Ways with The King of Salads

By Zoe Rogers

Julia Child asked “How could a mere salad cause such emotion?”

Americans nationwide reply: Our passion for the Caesar Salad is red hot!

This legendary and beloved King of the salad bowl has a certain panache and mystique and has reached the level of culinary stardom, a perennial favorite year-round.

I created for you the following Dinner-Rush Recipe Ideas for 10 speedy, satisfying spins on this ever-popular salad, recipes such as “Caesar Teasers” and more Caesar-Salad-inspired meals for two.

Make your favorite homemade Caesar Salad recipe, enough for you and your dining partner, or for a timesaving shortcut, start with restaurant takeout Caesar Salad, and using any of my following recipe quickies, and with a few complementary ingredients, you have 10 new ways for a fresh toss with Caesar!

1) Caesar Teasers: Make Crostini by slicing a French baguette into thin slices, uniform in size. Toast the bread slices in the oven until lightly toasted. Top each Crostini with a small spoonful of Caesar Salad, placing the salad in the center of each Crostini in a neat, small, mound. Serve the Caesar Teasers as hors d-oeuvres, appetizers, or as a side-dish, for example, alongside bowls of soup.

2) Caesar Salad Burgers: Just before serving, top each Burger with a small, mound of Caesar Salad, cap with Burger bun-top and serve.

3) Lemon-Shrimp Caesar: Plate the Caesar Salad, and top each with grilled, or cooked, peeled shrimp, and serve each plate with fresh lemon wedges for diners to squeeze to taste over salad.

4) Caesar Pesto Pizza: Just before serving, spread a thin, even layer of Pesto Sauce over the top of a Tomato-Cheese Pizza. Working quickly, spread a thin, even layer of Caesar Salad over the pesto-topped pizza and serve.

5) Southwestern Caesar: Toss Caesar Salad with well-drained, cooked black beans, well-drained cooked corn kernels, diced red bell peppers, and season to taste with chili powder.

6) Chicken-Caesar Spinach Wraps: Toss together Caesar Salad with grilled, or cooked, boneless, chicken breasts cut into bite-sized strips. Wrap the Chicken-Caesar Salad filling in warm, spinach tortillas, burrito-style.

7) Turkey Caesar with Cranberries: Plate the Caesar Salad and scatter with cooked, boneless, turkey breasts cut into bite-sized strips and then sprinkle with dried cranberries.

8) Grilled Salmon Caesar Salad: Remove the bones from grilled, or cooked, salmon fillets. Using a fork, flake the boneless fillets into bite-sized pieces. Plate the Caesar Salad, and top each with the flaked, grilled salmon and scatter with capers.

9) Tri-Color Caesar Slaw: Using a food processor fitted with a shredding blade, shred some green cabbage, red cabbage, and carrots. Toss the shredded cabbages and carrots together with the Caesar Salad.

10) Mediterranean-Style Caesar: Toss together Caesar Salad with well-drained, marinated artichoke hearts cut into quarters, pitted Kalamata olives cut in half lengthwise, and thinly-sliced, well-drained, sun-dried tomatoes.

By Zoe Rogers
, a leading Culinary and Home Entertaining Expert, Friendship Authority, former Relationship Coach, Author of 9 Cookbooks, and a Culinary Judge for Cooking and Baking Contests. Zoe Rogers is an Award-Winning Author of Food and Beverage Articles and Writes About the Connections Between Food, Drink, Love, and Friendship. Zoe Rogers is Founder of—Your Home to the Power of Friendship—Where You Can Find Articles, Videos, Crafts, DIY Projects, Food and Beverage Recipes, Party Ideas and Party Themes, Entertainment and More! Zoe Rogers is on Twitter @ZoeInspiresYou

Note: Julia Child quotation source: “From Julia Child’s Kitchen” by Julia Child. Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1975.