Do You Love Shamrock Shakes?


4 simple steps to make your own homemade Shamrock Shake!

3. For the requisite mega green color that Mickey Dee’s Shamrock Shakes have, follow these instructions. Using a fork, briskly stir in 5 to 8 drops of green food coloring (available at any supermarket) until well blended. Just add enough green food coloring to achieve the hue of green you desire.

4. Some Shamrock Shake sightings include the shakes topped with whipped cream and a cherry. You can simply duplicate this at home. Or, top your shake with whipped cream and green sugar crystals or shamrock shaped sprinkles. Both are available at supermarkets in the baking aisle where you find cake decorations.

You’ll definitely be sporting some green with this shake in hand! It’ll surely give you pinch protection! Happy St. Patrick's Day! Cupid's Red Velvet Heart Cake

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