Cupid's Red Velvet Heart Cake

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Culinary and Home Entertaining Expert Zoe Rogers shares a secret...

Here’s a special way to someone’s heart that has Cupid’s Seal of Approval!

Bake the immensely popular cake “Red Velvet Cake” and grace it with a tantalizing “Cream Cheese Frosting”— but upscale it—by making it heart-shaped.

But this culinary love letter gets even better, I give you a secret: a way to make your cake even more enticing with a fast, easy, and economical way to create your cake in the shape of a heart, without having to buy a specialty heart-shaped baking pan.

Here’s my secret: It’s a DIY method to make a heart-shaped cake, by cutting a round cake layer in half into 2 semicircles and using a little bit of the frosting as ‘glue’—attaching it to a square cake layer—once assembled and frosted, you have a heart-shaped cake in just a few fun steps!

Cupid’s Red Velvet Heart Cake With A Secret:

What You Need:

*Large Cake Serving Platter

* Your favorite recipe for Red Velvet Cake which makes 2 (8-inch or 9-inch) cake layers OR a boxed mix for Red Velvet Cake which makes 2 (8-inch or 9-inch) cake layers

*Your favorite recipe for Cream Cheese Frosting which yields frosting to frost 2 (8- or 9-inch) cake layers OR a store-bought, prepared Cream Cheese Frosting which yields frosting to frost 2 (8- or 9-inch) cake layers

Step 1: According to your favorite Red Velvet Cake recipe or Red Velvet Cake boxed mix directions, Prepare 2 cake layer baking pans: 1 (8- or 9-inch) square cake pan, and 1 (8- or 9-inch) round cake pan— but pans must both match in size—either 8- or 9-inches. You will need 1 square cake layer and 1 round cake layer to make your heart-shaped cake.

Step 2: Make and cool cake layers by following the directions from your favorite recipe or as directed by the boxed cake mix for the 2 layers, dividing the batter evenly between the square- and round cake pan. Allow the cake layers to cool completely, for easier handling.

Step 3: Meanwhile, while cake layers are cooling, if using homemade Cream Cheese Frosting, make and refrigerate it until cake layers are cooled completely.

Step 4: Gently transfer the round-cake layer, top-side-up, onto a wooden cutting board. Using a serrated knife, cut the round cake layer, crosswise, exactly and evenly in half, to form 2 semicircles. Gently transfer and place the square cake layer, top-side-up, onto your cake serving platter in front of you so that the square looks like the shape of a diamond.

Step 5: To assemble the heart-shaped cake: Attach each of the semicircles, rounded-sides-out, cut-sides against each of the 2 upright edges at the top of the cake diamond together with a small amount of frosting. Now your cake is in the shape of a heart!

Step 6: To frost the cake: Spread the remaining frosting evenly over the entire top surface of the heart cake top, generously frosting to hide the ‘seams’ where the 2 semicircles meet the diamond, and then also frost the cake sides. Refrigerate cake until ready to serve.

Now serve your charming cake created with a cup of love, tablespoon of affection, teaspoon of tenderness, and pinch of joy to your heart’s desire, and let Cupid do his magic!

By Zoe Rogers, a leading Culinary and Home Entertaining Expert, Author of 9 Cookbooks, and a Culinary Judge for Cooking and Baking Contests. Zoe Rogers is an Award-Winning Author of food and beverage articles. Zoe Rogers writes about the connections between food, drink, love, and friendship, and she is Founder of where you can find Articles, Videos, Crafts, DIY Projects, Food and Beverage Recipes, Party Ideas and Party Themes, Entertainment and More! Zoe Rogers is on Twitter @ZoeInspiresYou