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Lincoln CA 95648 - United States



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Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Marriage and Family Therapist, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter

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Sometimes it is the quiet times that feel the best. Being accepted by another human without strings or ulterior motives. Allowing reality of existence, no pretending, just the true self. No need for walls or masks. Being myself. My inner beauty shines much brighter than any outer shell we could imagine. Feeling good from the inside. Being real. Showing myself and knowing I will be loved. Quietly authentically me, that feels the best..

About Yvonne Sinclair

Hi! I am Yvonne Sinclair. I have seen a little of life and my life experience assists me in knowing what tools you will need to acquire the relationship you are seeking. I am a parent of two children and a Nana of four. In my first career I spent many years in the Dental Profession. I am now a licensed Marriage Family and Child Counselor in California with a Master in Counseling Psychology. My need to change my life work and the adventure of completing that process, helps me support clients in their need for change. I have lived on a farm, in a city, in a small town,  in the foothill/boonies of California, been married, and lived alone. I have had a soul mate connection and a bad choice for marriage. I have lost a love and know the deep pain that accompanies that loss. I have been a parent, step-parent, and foster parent.

I have been counseling clients about relationships since 1993. In my private practice I see children, families, couples, and individuals. I address most issues around relationships, healing from abuse, parenting, anger management, and many others. I create and facilitate retreats and workshops for couples and singles. My couples retreats and workshops address counseling issues about relationship enhancement, sensual safe touch, tools for communication, and self actualization.

My self help programs are based on my face to face client experience. I have authored these programs myself, using the time tested effective methods I found successful in my private practice. My Step by Step Guide to Relationship Healing and Enhancement begins with effective communication training, leads you through fair fighting, healthy anger expression, family of origin issues, control, all the way to HOT monogamy.  Eight easy to follow audiobook CD’s. Each chapter is offered with step by step instructions and exercises to help assimilate the new ideas and behaviors into your life.

I have a passion for helping my clients attain joy. I have studied several modalities and draw from them to show you the way to love. I delight in attending trainings and classes offering tools that will help my clients grow and find happiness. In my face to face counseling I may use art therapy, hypnotherapy, talk therapy, or sand tray world play therapy. I drew from this same knowledge base in the creation of my books and self-help products.

Having the right tools is important in whatever you are seeking to accomplish. I am a little like the hardware store. I have tools for you. Tools to help you get your relationship, not only on track, but headed in the right direction. Tools to assist in healthy expression of anger. Tools to make parenting more enjoyable and less stressful. The tools I offer in my private practice and self help online programs are the tools I have found, over the years, to be successful in helping my clients achieve their goals for love and inner strength.
A great soulmate connection often just happens, but keeping that connection alive and sizzling takes attention and the right ingredients. I love to see couples come together with the help of my tools. I have the secrets to a happy sexessful marriage. Love happens. I adore watching the hope return and hear how communication improved or the emotional intimacy had deepened.
The mission for my online self help programs is to offer relationship advice for any couple or individual with access to information, easy to follow step by step instructions, and professional assistance available. You are in charge of the pace of your growth and change. My self help products show you how to attain relationship enhancement and healing. You are in charge of which tools you incorporate into your life. 

Whether you are a married couple seeking relationship help to save your marriage, a committed couple wanting marriage counseling services, a new couple looking for a counseling before marriage, a couple in trouble seeking online relationship counseling services, a person looking for abusive relationship counseling to save their relationship, or an individual searching for relationship advice or healing from infidelity, my program will have tools to help you find happiness and create a solid loving connection.

I have been teaching anger management to children, teens, and adults since 1993. I am a Certified Anger Management Specialist with the National Anger Management Association. My anger management self help programs also embrace the time tested effective methods I have found successful in my private practice. My website offers court ordered anger management and domestic violence online classes.

On my websites I offer free help in the form of articles, information, explanation and sxamination for depression, and resourceful links. You will find information on health, happiness, counseling, relationships, parenting, diet, and fun. Feel free to take your time and browse through my Marriage Counseling 4U to see what tips you will find to increase your happiness. Program 4 Anger Management is filled with helpful products and free articles. YvonneSinclair.com will introduce you to me and what I am about. There you will find a connection for my private practice office and my websites along with a exhibit of my personal artwork.

I love making a difference in my corner of the world. I love being contacted by former clients to be told they are doing wonderfully well. I will love helping you in any way you need. I would welcome the chance to add you to the successful clients I have known.

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Yvonne Sinclair Success Stories

Court Ordered Domestic Violence

Men dealing with stress

I took Yvonne Sinclair’s class, Court Ordered Domestic Violence 12 Class. This class was a very easy to read with big bold print. It was also very easy to understand with a true or false quiz after every class. I feel it was worth the money and I feel it will help me be the person I want to be. When I was finished taking her class I felt must better about myself and realized the mistakes I have made. Thanks to her class I get a fresh start at my life. I would recommend this class to anyone with these problems. Sincerely, David P

Anger Management for Healthy Expression

Men dealing with stress

I completed the on-line Anger Management for Healthy Expression-8 course. The material was easy to read and understand. Not only was the lecture on screen but the website offers the ability to download a .pdf version as well. In my experience, it is best to have a hard copy to study from. Yvonne's program helped me to understand the family dynamics I grew up with in which there was a lot of anger and violence, and to help me get past those old habits of learned (bad) behavior. My goal is to break this vicious cycle so that I do not pass on these tendencies to my children and my other relationships. The program helped me learn how to deal with my anger in a way that is without violence and how I can express myself in a more positive manner. AW.

New Direction after Infidelity

Women involved with infidelity

"I have been visiting Yvonne over the past few years, she has helped guide me and teach me not to work too hard, regarding my marriage and children (both of whom see her now as well). I have found, too, that she has taught me the art of how to fight fair, respect and love myself (first) it is ok to put myself first sometimes. I had come co-dependent on making others happy all the time but not always looking out for me. Thank you, Yvonne for all you have given me, my children and my family by helping me become the woman that was hiding inside. Karyn"

The Abuse Needed to Stop

Women seeking to end a relationship

"I started seeing Yvonne October 2006, I was just coming out of an abusive relationship had very little self esteam and self worth. Always picking the wrong men and letting them take advantage of me. Pushing their button til I proved that they would leave me and they usually did or abused me mentally or physically always making excuses for them. Yvonne helped me realize that I do have self worth. I have come a very long way since I started seeing Yvonne I guess I need to mention that I have a 16 years on and off drug addition Every time something went wrong I turned to the one thing I could count on to make me feel better at least at the time my drugs. Yvonne has taught me that I am a valuable person and this last incident that I went thought I can honestly say that I stayed clean used the tool that she shared with me and have been able to keep myself drug free. We have also talked allot about my feelings about death and how short life is and been helping me cope with death. I don't know where I would be with out her help. Right now I have a job I love, my kids and I have a very strong relationship and life is very good considering everything. I have a positive and realistic attitude. She has always been very easy to talk to and if I had a concern that she didn't have an answer too then she would find it and get ack to me. She is the best that has ever happen to me. Jeanie " 

Support Through Difficult Times for the Childre

Married couples

"Dear Ms. Sinclair, My wife and I thank you for your contribution to the health and well-being of our family, in particular our children. She and I wanted to take a moment to express the gratitude we feel when our children show their strength, perseverance and happiness on a daily basis, let alone at times of their personal achievement. My wife and I witnessed your personal commitment to our children’s well-being during a time of life challenges. You truly have helped to shape their young lives… and for that we will be forever grateful. Thank you for all you do in your profession and know that it has had a large impact in our world. Warmest Wishes, James & Crystal"

Single Parenting Dad needed Tools for Change.

Men seeking to start over in a relationship

“Yvonne has greatly assisted our family during a difficult family transition.  She’s been companionate and understanding, while providing insightful life perspective and advice.  I was initially concerned how our kids would react with their first counseling experience.  Yvonne has related to the kids wonderfully, to the point where they “argue” who’s turn it’s next to visit with her!   We feel very fortunate to have met and “counseled” with Yvonne”.  - Jay

Transgenerational Parenting is a Challenge at Best.

Couples dealing with parenting issues

"Just took Bobby to a Charter School in Natomas and watched as he boarded a big bus for southern California. Going on a college tour of 8 Universities. Dang, I guess this is one of those steps of letting go that you told me about. He has been on honor roll all year and is taking some tough college prep courses. He’s driving too. YIKES! Thank you for all you did for us. I know we wouldn't be where we are today without you!  Penny " 

Yvonne Sinclair Articles