Revealing Your Inner Goddess

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Let us embark on a journey to find your inner Goddess if you are not in touch with her already.

Hello, my darling Goddesses and welcome to a guide that teaches you how to reveal your inner Goddess. Yes, you are a Goddess. Let us embark on a journey to find your inner Goddess if you are not in touch with her already. If you know your Goddess (a little or even a lot), then this exercise will still be an advantageous means to become reacquainted with her.

Knowing yourself is difficult sometimes. If we are taught to ignore our own feelings, then we tend to be out of touch with our true dreams and inner wishes. In this circumstance, our Goddess is lost and unknown. As a child, were you told statements such as the following?: "Don't cry. You are okay," or "Stop being mad. You have nothing to be mad about." These are statements that condition you to ignore yourself and your feelings. These statements ultimately cause you to hide your Goddess. Let us find her!
When you awake in the morning, before you open your eyes, imagine what your world would be like if it was just as you wished. In this ideal world, there are no limits, no borders, and no voices from the past declaring you "can't." What would your world be like? Only you can decide. Have a great time with this.

I would like to recommend Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts, a fantastic book written by Regena Thomashauer. This is an unusual self-help book.  It is not intended to be read in one or two sittings. It is best to read a single chapter at a time and then let her ideas and information settle. This is not a book about how to please your man. This is a book about how to please yourself. You cannot be a Goddess without knowing how to please yourself and how to be pleased with yourself. I am going to include some excepts from Mama Gena's book here to help you get started.

"Using the Power of Pleasure to Have Your Way with the World," as Mama Gena states. "I want you to start thinking about the life you would have if you could. I want you to envision your own fantasyland. Give free rein to this vision of your desired lifestyle, and don't let it be dominated by someone else's plans for you." 

Here's the first step: let's get started in finding your inner Goddess now! So, let's start with you and your relationship. I would like to you discover your rights. If you know you have rights, and they are completely clear to you, then this will be a review. You may even find a new niche of information you didn't know before.

We may assume we do not have rights in a relationship or even in the world in general. When we put our needs first or expect our views to be respected, we may feel selfish. We may think it is bad to ever make a mistake. We may feel we must always be flexible, consistent, and logical. We may feel our emotions are not as important as our partner's emotions. These are all mistaken assumptions.

Each person has rights.  These rights include the following:
the right to make mistakes,
the right to have respected and honored feelings,
the right to a voice in what happens in the relationship,
the right to privacy when/where you feel the need,
the right to put yourself first,
the right to ask for emotional support,
the right to ask for sex, and a right to respect the answer,
the right to change your mind,
and the right to be wrong.

In a healthy relationship, these rights are honored and respected.
Irrational ideas can interfere with your relationship with Miss Goddess. These ideas may even hinder your ability to communicate with yourself and others. These irrational ideas may keep you from experiencing the joy and happiness waiting for you.

Irrational ideas are beliefs that are not true. Here are some examples of irrational ideas:
There is a solution to all problems. Your history determines your present behavior, and you are not in charge of changing that behavior for the future. You can make another person mad. Happiness comes from an external factor such as from someone else, and you have no ability to be happy without help. An adult must be loved and respected by all other people. If you are not completely competent and successful, then you are worthless. If circumstances are not the way you desire, then it is the end of the world. It is easier to avoid facing problems, difficulties, and responsibilities than it is to face these issues. You are nothing without a partner.

Okay, you get the idea now. You are important. What you think, feel, want, and need are all real, all necessary, and all right. Your reality is right for you. No one can say you are feeling "wrong" because your feelings just exist. They are "right" for you.

"Should" interferes with your ability to be on the same page with your partner. When are told that you "should" do something, then the speaker infers that he or she knows what you need and does not respect your right to decide for yourself.

Taking everything personally is a result of distorted thinking. Distorted thinking patterns can interfere with your Goddess revealing herself. Sometimes things are just "not about us." You must learn to look at the issues in your "basket" as opposed to the issues in another person's "basket." This will help you stop taking things personally.

Believing that you have control over anything but yourself is a fallacy and a result of distorted thinking. "Fair" is also a form of distorted thinking. You have probably heard the saying "life is not fair." Well, that statement is simply true. If you can come to terms with that concept, then you well be much happier.

Believing that other people will change if you complain, yell, and manipulate enough is a result of distorted thinking. People do not change when they are attacked.

Labeling is a form

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