What Does The Overturning Of DOMA Mean For Marriage?

YourTango Experts Weigh In: DOMA & Gay Marriage

Our experts weigh in with their thoughts on the overturning of DOMA and Prop 8.

"Sometimes, we are too shy to show others how special we are. We are afraid to radiate all our beauty, to speak all our mind, to leap as far as we can. Now that the highest court in the nation has effectively recognized same-sex marriage, I hope we will all be able to leap a little farther, radiate a little more beauty, and recognize how special we are — as individuals and as a nation." Hadley Earabino

"The gay and lesbian world exploded with joy on June 26. The Supreme Court's decision to strike down the part of DOMA that limits access to 1100 federal rights means thousands of married couples and families will now have access to rights they deserve as Americans. Unfortunately the impact is limited. There are 35 states in this country that have enacted laws preventing same sex marriage. We have 29 states that where you can still be fired simply for being lesbian or gay. We need to celebrate this victory but we are not done, we are not going on vacation and we are not forgetting what we still are denied. Our fight for equality must continue so that LGBT people everywhere in this country are safe, protected, able to work and marry whatever person they love." Mary Gorham Malia

Rick Clemons

"In my work as a psychologist, life coach and as a mother, I know that the healthiest people are those that live lives that are true to who they really are. The end of DOMA and Prop 8 will mean that more people can freely love whom they want, speak their truth and live more fulfilled, complete lives. Society as a whole can only benefit from more of us living and loving whom we choose." Lisa Kaplin

"It's a BIG deal. There some straight and gay people for that matter, who really don't understand the importance of this decision. Now that SCOTUS has eliminated DOMA, gay married couples now have over 1000 federal rights that they didn't have before. It's a huge win for the movement. We aren't fully "there" yet as we still have 38 states to go but as a gay man, I am extremely happy that the laws regarding marriage are becoming more inclusive. I'd rather have the option to exercise my rights  than be denied on the basis of my sexuality." J. Cameron Gantt