7 Things You Can Do Alone To Improve Your Sex Life

things you can do to improve your sex life together

"When it comes to romance, men and women don't always like the same kinds of touching. Are you getting the kind of touching that you enjoy most? One way to focus on where you like to be touched is to draw a 'body map' of yourself, front and back. Don't get intimidated if you're not artistic. Thinking of your partner's touch, color the map. Body areas you color in red indicate you never want to be touched here, while areas colored in green indicate that you love being touched here. Areas colored in yellow can be situation-based. Now, sit down with your partner and show him your body map, explaining all your sweet spots and talking about what works and doesn't work." —Aline Zoldbrod

"Find out how what you think is romantic so that you can set the stage for a romantic evening with your significant other. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Do you prefer someone to be quiet or to be talking during sex?
  • Do you wish to be complimented on your appearance or not?
  • Do you want to have the lights on or off?
  • Is what you are wearing important or do you prefer to be nude?
  • Do you need to be warmed up during the day with sexy innuendos during the day, or is this not important?
  • Is it important to share an activity together first, like dinner.
  • What type of music is preferred in the background, or do you prefer silence?
  • Is a smell sexy? Do you prefer to smell perfume or is incense an important smell?

What's most important is creating the perfect atmosphere that induces you to feel sexy. So use your answers to these questions to set the mood and enjoy what follows." —Sharon Lyn Wyeth

"I want to let you in on a secret about the clitoris: the size of it has great implications for what it takes for a woman to reach orgasm. A woman who has a large, exposed clitoris is able to achieve orgasm more easily than a woman who a small, more hidden clitoris." —Mary Gorham Malia