10 Hot Ways To Use Date Night As Foreplay [EXPERT]

date as foreplay
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Challenge #20: Consider date night a prelude to amazing sex later.

7. A Flirt-Fest

Foreplay begins with "hello" — so make it count. A tentative hug or kiss communicates, "I'm not really sure about this." Meanwhile, a stong embrace communicates: "I couldn’t wait to spend this time with you; I'm so looking forward to finding out more about you." Flirt by making deep, loving eye contact. Drape her coat around her shoulders with care, brushing against her back as you do so. Hold hands while walking. You'll experience an easy, gentle familiarity with your partner. Appreciate the gift of having a companion — not everyone is that lucky.—Lori Carpenos

8. A Week-Long Date

Stoke the fires of desire daily. Foreplay includes taking the garbage out on Monday (without having to be asked), a foot massage on Tuesday, a makeout session on Wednesday, a sassy text on Thursday, sharing a belly laugh on Friday. Follow this idea and hot sex is sure to come on Saturday.—Kyle Corsiglia

9. Food Play

Before your date begins, leave a teasing voicemail to let him know that you have an exciting evening planned. Lightly dab perfume on your inner thighs and wear a sexy outfit (sans underwear). Give him a lingering kiss and whisper in his ear, "I can't wait to feel your naked body." As you pull away, look him directly in the eye and flash your pearly whites. When you settle in to the table at your dinner date, kick off your shoes and graze his leg. This kind of touching will take his breath away. For the meal, order food that is sexy to eat: sttrawberries, whip cream, chocolate are all sexy foods. Invite your date to try your food and feed him a taste from your fork. This is a delicate way to show you don't mind mixing bodily fluids. Don't be afraid to leave your dinner half-eaten, as your date will want to whisk you home — and you might not make it past the car. —Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

10. A New Experience

New experiences release dopamine to the brain, which helps to get your sexy thoughts flowing. You can try any one of these ideas: schedule a couple's massage, sink into a steamy, Turkish bath, do some salsa dancing or ride in a hot air balloon. On the more emotionally intense side of the spectrum, do a workshop with your partner. It lets you expose parts of yourself to your partner that he/she has never seen before and can make any sex more intimate. —Samantha Karlin