10 Hot Ways To Use Date Night As Foreplay [EXPERT]

date as foreplay
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Challenge #20: Consider date night a prelude to amazing sex later.

3. Brain Stimulation

There is nothing that gets the juices flowing more than brain stimulation. After all, the brain is the biggest sex organ in the body. Stimulating it with sexy words will create for more passionate lovemaking later on in the evening. During date night, send flirtexts to let your lover know exactly what you want to do later in bed. Be direct, but sexy, using short, story-like sentences. ("When I am with you, I want to peel off your clothes and kiss you between your legs.") Use your imagination and flip through the pages of an erotic novel for inspiration. Later that evening, take turns having control in the bedroom. This exchange of control can be an exciting roleplay adventure. The point is to let your imagination take over. —Dawn Michael

4. Anything Unexpected

Most couples get into a comfortable status quo when they have been in a relationship for a while. To keep your sex life exciting, it's best to do different things. No one wants a lazy lover and every woman wants a romantic partner who takes the time to show how much he cares, whether that's a bouquet of flowers or a candlelit dinner. The key is adding the element of surprise. —Christy Goldstein

5. Sensual Dinner Date

At dinner play with your wine glass, breathe deeply and gaze into his eyes. Don't be afraid to get all Marilyn Monroe on him. You are the woman he dreams about. Excuse yourself to go to the ladies room and slip out of your panties. When you return, slide your hand over his shoulders and insert them right into the breast pocket of his jacket. After this top secret date night move, he will be so excited that he won't be able to think of anything but ravaging you. —Dina Colada

6. Island Staycation

Take turns 'kidnapping" your partner — that is, whisk them away for a romantic rendezvous. Set the stage by transforming your home into an island paradise — fake palm trees, piña coladas, sensual reggae music and take-out island food all work. Feed each other aphrodisiac foods like chocolate, champagne and oysters. One critical ground rule to follow: curb all heavy discussion in the day leading up to your date — it's a mood-killer. —Bonnie Weil

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