11 Ways To Love Your Body

3 young women in bras and underwear

8. Toss critical self-talk. It is the most widespread plague that attacks thriving relationships. Catch critical self-talk, and then recite ten uplifting statements to yourself. Write down the ten uplifting statements and carry them with you at all times. Say the positive statements even if you don't yet believe them. Eventually you will begin to believe, and will feel better about yourself. —Teresa Maples

9. Take a moment to find a quiet spot, close your eyes and take a full body check. Think about the many ways your body works for you every day. Can you feel your heart pumping? Appreciating your body is the biggest step to a caring relationship with your body, and to thoroughly enjoying all the ways you can support your body in the same way it supports you. —Tatiana Abend

10. Sing in the shower. Hearing our favorite songs on the radio makes us feel great. We sing along and  reminisce about the good old days. Take it one step further and start singing in the shower. Pretend there's an audience loving your melodic voice. Oh, and by the way, you'll be naked while you're humming away. —Julie Spira

11. Play dress up with the girls. Call it "Girls Night In" instead of "Girls Night Out." Bring a few party favors, makeup and some wardrobe changes. Let your friends know which outfit you look the best in and make that your date night apparel, even if you're just dating yourself that evening. —Julie Spira