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Experts Reveal How To Revive Your Sex Life Post-Kids

Experts Reveal How To Revive Your Sex Life Post-Kids [EXPERT]

— "Date nights are the most effective way to feel closer and reignite the passion that may have faded over the years. They remind couples to take time out for each other, give them a short respite from their responsibilities, and the freedom to express intimacy. Date nights do not necessarily entail sexual intimacy. (In fact, it's better for the couple to assume it won't happen so the pressure is off both parties), however date nights almost always result in closer bonding, making for a more stable marriage."

— "Designating kid's bedtime and "us" time."

— "The sex life does not need revival if they are energetically aligned."

— "Be sure to make time and space, like by getting kids to bed early enough that parents have time alone and putting a lock on their door."

— "Date nights, scheduled sex, or taking a vacation all work."

— "After talking about it spontaneously, flexibly some of those or all."

— "All the above ... scheduled sex and making sure they are taking time to c

onnect without the kids around — also, depends on the couple."

— "Date nights, vacations, mid-day sex, mini staycations (one overnight)."

— "All of these and more are effective. Most important thing is to prioritize the man/woman relationship first before the parenting relationship."

There you have it, the experts have spoken. Don't linger in that 75% any longer. Talk with your partner ASAP, and make your sex life a priority. 3 Ways To Have Honeymoon Sex Tonight

The results are in. Which will you try with your man?

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