7 Expert Tips For Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

7 Expert Tips For Keeping Your Kids Safe Online [EXPERT]

Stop worrying about your kids' Facebook habits with these expert suggestions!

6. Don't just "friend them." "Friending" them online won't do any good. Kids can easily block their content on facebook so that you cannot see their activities, postings, and pictures.

If your kids have access to social networks, require that they share their username and password with you so that you can occasionally monitor their activities. — Neil McNerney

7. Understand your rights as parents. If your kids say it's a violation of privacy, don't buy it. There is a difference between violating someone's privacy and viewing what they have written in a public forum that is permanently stored.

If your kids say that it is violating their privacy, just say, "I understand you feel that way, but it's my requirement." There is no need to get into an argument about privacy. — Neil McNerney