21 Undeniable Benefits Of Being Divorced

21 Undeniable Benefits Of Being Divorced [EXPERT]

Featuring expert advice from Carol Ferguson, Micki McWade, Rachel Gladstone and Sharon Rivkin!

7. You have learned to live alone ... and if another potential partner shows up great, if not, that's ok too. Because you have learned to love yourself, you are not desperate for another relationship. —Carol Ferguson

8. You're better off. If your partner was abusive, it is best for you and your children to be out of there. Children learn by example and you do not want a bad example to teach them about marriage and relationships. —Carol Ferguson

9. You can focus. There are some less-than-obvious but definite benefits of being a divorced woman. Those benefits exist, provided she chooses to focus her attention on her own life and the well being of her children, rather than on the past and what she cannot change. This mental and emotional discipline separates those who thrive after divorce from those who merely get by or drown in bitterness and disappointment. Focus is key. —Micki McWade

10. You'll gain strength. A divorced woman often grows stronger and more courageous than her married friends. She learns to balance new responsibilities along with the old ones and becomes more aware of her children's needs. She sees that she can solve unfamiliar problems and that she can get it done, even when feeling lower than low. This expanded strength will serve her well in many ways as she moves forward in her life. —Micki McWade

11. You'll gain compassion. Those who have been through the painful, sorrowful and gut-wrenching experience of divorce develop more empathy and compassion toward others. This pain opens her heart even more to others who are suffering. She becomes more relatable. —Micki McWade

12. You'll become more creative. For every problem there is a solution and divorced women find those solutions. Human beings don't grow as much when things go smoothly. We stretch ourselves and expand our capabilities during times of crises and change. Divorce offers many opportunities to become creative problem-solvers and consequently expand our skills. —Micki McWade