16 Ways To Feel Sexy In 5 Minutes Or Less

16 Ways To Feel Sexy In 5 Minutes Or Less [EXPERT]
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... because feeling irresistible doesn't have to take all day!

7. Wear your favorite outfit. One sure way to feel sexy is by putting on that one outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks!  It doesn't have to be skin tight or low cut - it just has to make you feel great!  When we feel great about how we look we give off an amazing positive vibe that's a huge turn on to the opposite sex! —Julie Shepardson

8. Think good thoughts. When we're thinking positive, confident thoughts about ourselves, we hold our heads a little higher, we smile more often and we walk around like we own the place. There's nothing sexier than being confident about who we are and what we bring to the party. —Julie Shepardson

9. Put on those high heels.  There's something about wearing a pair of great high heels that provides instant sex appeal.  Heels make legs look a bit longer and slimmer, especially with a bit of a tan!  And it feels great to be just a bit taller! —Julie Shepardson

10. Stand firmly feet shoulder width apart, close your eyes and drop with your attention into your belly. Circle your hips and connect to your feminine power. —Carolin Hauser

11. Stand in front of a mirror and gaze into your own eyes. Connect through your eyes with the love in your heart and the beautiful being that you are. —Carolin Hauser

12. Again closing your eyes, pull in your own energy that you have given away. Take it all back and release the energy of others that you have taken on and isn't yours. —Carolin Hauser

13. Turn on your favorite song and dance. Let your body guide your movement and allow yourself to feel your power and joy. —Carolin Hauser

14. Close and open your eyes and imagine seeing yourself on a movie screen. Project yourself into the image and experience how amazing it feels to be in the mood, sexy and confident. Now bring those wonderful feelings back to every day time and space. —Michael Ellner