How To Get More Clients With YourTango Experts


Creating a “Eureka!” experience using the YourTango Expert’s platform

The miracle questions everyone asks online marketing professionals usually surround the issues of finding clients and making your marketing dollars work. With all of the options available, what is the best use of your time, energy and funds and WHO should you partner with?

For helping professionals, YourTango Experts is a powerful platform for reaching potential clients hungry to benefit from your expertise. If you’re curious about how to get more clients, the answer is simple. The secret is to create a "Eureka!" response from the people who need your help.

As in, "Eureka! I found the answer to my prayers!" and "Here's the solution to my biggest problem!"

How do you elicit a Eureka! response? To do so, you need a tool; a powerful platform that will help you do three very specific things at once:

Put the right information…. in front of the right person… at the right time.

By creating the natural connections between you as the Expert and clients in need, the tide begins to turn and clients begin to find you as opposed to you searching for them.

Here are seven strategies for how to get more clients with YourTango Experts:

Strategy #1: Specialize
People trust experts that clearly declare a specialty in their particular area of need. Effective marketing promotes a specific service. Your specialty is what you do as a professional; the more focused, the more specific, the better.

You can define your specialty by answering two easy questions:

  • What problems do you solve?
  • What do you help people accomplish?

YourTango is a marketing tool that will significantly raise your visibility and credibility if you focus on the specialty you most want to be recognized in as an expert. By doing this you will attract potential clients who will shout "Eureka, you have the exact solutions I need!" when they find you.

Strategy #2: Target a niche
You will most often get a "Eureka!" response when YourTango visitors feel strongly understood by you as you help them understand themselves as no-one else has before. A niche is an identifiable group of people that you choose to serve.

Your specialty is what you do and your niche is who you help.

You will find more clients when you focus upon a niche and demonstrate your understanding of that niche through your articles, profile and other marketing material.  By showing that you genuinely know them from the inside out, your credibility rises. You know what problems they have, what obstacles they experience and what language they use to describe their needs. You learn their deepest desires and fears; you discover what gives them hope and inspiration and what strategies work best for them. When you clearly communicate your deep understanding and commitment to your clients, they are left feeling, "Eureka, you understand me better than I understand myself!"

Strategy #3: Write articles to support, not entertain
YourTango is a gold mine of information contributed by many, many experts. How can you stand out? The secret to using YourTango to reach your potential clients is to contribute articles written specifically to support your target audience in your specialty and niche.

Singles and couples are attracted to YourTango for two reasons- the entertaining articles and useful information. It might be tempting to contribute an entertaining article that gets lots of attention, but it will help your business and your target audience more to contribute articles that address your client’s specific needs, goals, and challenges. By narrowing your message to educating your specific audience AND by publishing that advice on YourTango, you will find that clients are drawn to you in a very organic way.

How does this happen?

Through search engines like Google, Bing and others. Your potential clients are searching the internet right now for answers and solutions to their specific needs. By publishing your advice and being very targeted in your message, you are creating a place for people to go when they search for an Expert to help them. The ultimate reaction here is a match between two people that feels to the client like you have just stepped into their hearts leaving them feeling, "Eureka, I just found the exact information I needed!"

Strategy #4: Provide hope and inspiration
Information is freely available on the internet. Your goal is to find a way to rise above the noise of information overload and give your clients exactly what they need. How do you do this? Targeting your information to a specialty and niche will help tremendously, but consider that people also need hope and inspiration as much as, perhaps even more than information.

YourTango Experts has brilliantly (in my humble opinion) recognized this by providing experts a way to add success stories to your profile. In addition, you can weave success stories into your articles. Human beings love stories and all good movies, books, articles, etc, tell a story. A good story starts with a character you can identify with, introduces a significant problem, shows how the main character struggled with and then overcame the problem and ends with a satisfying resolution ("and they lived happily ever after"). Sharing success stories that resonates with your target audience will give them hope and inspiration. "Eureka! If they can do it, I can too!"

Strategy #5: Craft your YourTango Expert’s profile for "Eureka!"
Your brilliant article has attracted the attention of your target audience and elicited a "Eureka!" response from them; what happens next? Once you've created a successful connection with a reader they will likely click through to your profile to learn more about you. This is where your specialty and niche makes all the difference; you want them to discover that you're an expert in their exact problem, that you specialize in helping people just like them to achieve their goals, that you are authentic, approachable, trustworthy, transparent and the perfect professional for their needs.

It is far easier to craft an effective profile to get results for a specialty and niche than it is simply list everything you do and everybody you help. How? Emphasize who you help and what results you help them get more than your credentials and accomplishments. Counter-intuitively make your profile more about your target audience than about you and your response will be "Eureka! I found someone who can help me!"

Strategy #6: Sell your program, not sessions
While our goal for participation in YourTango Experts might be to get hired by a client, think about what your potential clients want. Do they want to hire an expert by the hour? Not really. Do they want solutions and results? Yes! How can we make our intangible services more concrete and attractive to our potential clients? We talk, listen, counsel, coach, give advice, empower, etc…. none of which is concrete and tangible.

The answer is to design a "program" for your target audience. A program has a name that addresses its target audience's desired outcome, has structure, tangible results and benefits. Your target audience will find your profile, see your program and respond "Eureka! This is just what I need!"

Strategy #7: Prospects precede clients
Long ago I mistakenly assumed that marketing created clients. Then one day, after an embarrassingly expensive marketing campaign that bombed, I realized "You can market until the cows come home and not get any clients!" I finally understood that the successful outcome of marketing is to attract prospects; then I must connect and enroll them to become clients. YourTango provides many effective tools for generating prospects- your articles, your profile, success stories, ProFinder, your own store for your books and products you recommend.

Ask yourself how you can use those tools to motivate YourTango visitors to contact you using Strategies #1-#6 above. Then, turn the tables and contact prospects directly. How? Simply click "Answer Questions" under Expert Tools and you'll find many, many real people needing your help. To save time and maximize your results, respond to the questions that fall within your specialty that appear to be asked by people that fit your target audience. "Eureka! I've found a gold mine of potential clients! Thanks YourTango!"

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