Nudity and Oil....The Secret To Compelling Headlines


A lesson from Suburgatory's Cheryl Hines. Be a bit naughty to get the publicity you are looking for!

I am delighted that you are reading this post. Helps me prove my point.

Headlines with a bit of naughtiness get noticed.

Cheryl Hines was on the Ellen Show this morning talking about her new hit TV show, Suburgatory. I always loved her on Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO, and her performance as new and hot-to-trot divorcee Dallas Royce on the new ABC sitcom is delicious.

As Cheryl's interview closed, she teased about the content of the series’ upcoming episode. She talked about “real sexy fantasies about Jeremy Sisto” and then right before she left the stage, she said….

“and nudity and oil….I’m just saying….”

Want to guess how many of Ellen’s millions of fans will be tuning in to that episode? (8:30 est on ABC February 29, 2012 and available online at….just thought I would make it easy for you!)

So what does this have to do with you, the newbie blogging marketer? Everything!! We all know that sex sells so pulling in your readers with a provocative headline is always a good idea. Especially if you can create a practical post with genuine value for your audience.

The bottom line is that without a good headline in your emails or blog posts…nobody will notice you and that makes building an expert platform near impossible. Luck is on your side though…you live in the internet age and a simple Google search opens a library right on your desktop.

I use Google daily as my modern day encyclopedia. I type my requests into the search window stating exactly what I need. Today to support this article, I typed in “How Do You Write Compelling Headlines?” Look what treasures I found:

1. Top hit on Google: “How To Write Headlines That Work” on This is a fantastic article…it is #1 hit in the big game afterall. Not only does it promise info on creating “a compelling headline that must promise some kind of benefit or reward for the reader, in trade for the valuable time it takes to read more,” it goes on to list 8 surefire headlines with examples.

2. “I just can’t do it. I am not clever enough to think of good headlines.” Some of you are whining…I can just feel it. Well…this post is just for you! Thanks to Mark Thompson of, this post has 150, count them, 150 compelling headlines that work. See, no excuses!!

Here are Mark’s top ten to get you started

1. # Tips To Simplify ______________
2. Greatest _________ Tips of All Time
3. Avoid ______________ Disasters
4. ________________, What It Can Do For You
5. # Things You Didn’t Know about ______
6. # Reasons to Hate _________
7. #Amazing Blogs about ________
8. # Secrets about __________
9. How Does ______ Work?
10. How to be Great at _______

139 more red hot headlines….

When you go to Mark’s site and check out the rest of the list….be sure to leave him a warm thank you in the comments. From one blogger to the next, comments are always received as a virtual hug!

3. There were over 2 1/2 million hits for my query. If you are a rookie headline writer, spend some time browsing through the Google search results and get some schooling.

Once again, having a mini budget when it comes to marketing is no excuse for a languishing blog. Get up and get going and get yourself a great headline for your next post.

For me, many times the headline comes first. I write regularly for experts on and recently this headline popped into my mind: “Might As Well Face it….You’re Addicted to Shoes” Curious? Google awaits!

Want a list of mouth watering words to use in your new headlines?  Click right here for instant access.

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