Heidi Klum's Breakup: How To Write A Hot Article for Your Tango


Seal and Heidi Klum are ending their marriage. Wonder how you can connect your story to theirs?

Heidi Klum and Seal divorcing?  No, say it ain't so.  While an unlikely couple in the eyes of many of her fans, Heidi managed to project a lot of joy and happiness while with Seal.

While celebrity breakups always make headlines, this couple is a shocker.

So in the flood of media coverage that is sure to follow, how do you create a tie in with your area of expertise and this hot romance news item.

Current events, celebrities and media always connect you quickly to the things that your audience is interested in.  If your book or project promotes self healing techniques for women with broken hearts, Heidi's story is perfect.

Here are the steps to write an article that will get you and your project noticed by Your Tango which will bring you lots of new readers.

1.  Keep your ear peeled for pop culture, polittical or human interest stories that YOU are interested in.  What interests you will interest your reader.

2.  Start off with a little research on google to see what stories are being written about your lead idea. A google search this morning for "Heidi Klum divorce" revealed that People magazine is reporting that the couple is divorcing.  You then add a couple of details, giving People magazine credit.

3.  Think of a spin for your story that will let you capitalize on the newsworthiness of the tidbit you found and yet position you uniquely in the Your Tango format.  For example, I couldn't wait to write about Heidi and Seal, but I figured everyone else would think of that tool. Premarital Jitters? 6 Ways To Avoid Kim K's Mistakes [EXPERT]

That is why I am spinning this article into a "How To" piece that still involves Heidi and Seal but in a way that may get more attention because it is different.

In our example, an author with a book for broken hearted women may choose to write about Heidi and then transition to a problem she will no doubt face in the next few months and then add her two cents plus a list of steps. Celebrity Apprentice: Did Snow White Lisa Rinna Get A Raw Deal?

4.  Title.  Put the name of your celebrity in the title and in the first paragraph of your piece.  That will be enough to get yourself noticed on Your Tango.  The editors are always looking for exactly this type of article.  

5.  Stay alert.  There are countless tricks you can use to get yourself noticed online.  Your Tango is an amazing tool but only if you use it.  Celebrity events are not the only newsworthy options.  Use your imagination, you would be amazed at what you will come up with. National Hugging Day: 7 Step Plan To Get More Hugs

Be sincere in your writing.  Pick people and issues you really care about and your articles will become bread crumbs on the trail so that your ideal clients/readers or customers can find their way to your door.

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