Does Google Know Who You Are?


Somewhere out there a lonely hurting potential client needs your help. How will they find you?

Imagine that Debbie Disaster decides she needs help. She is up in the middle of the night smoking a cigarette and surfing the net looking for something...anything that will give her some direction. She really needs a coach.

If she types "I need a life coach" into Google, Would that work?  Would she find you?

Using my own experience as an example. I started out as a Life Coach years ago. If you look up life coach on google, you get 4,570,000 hits. Not such great odds. I could help Debbie but she would have a snowball's chance in Phoenix of finding me.

Then I specialized as a Love Coach with soul mates as a specialty. Love Coach gets 465,000 hits so that was better. But still clients trickled in. My ideal clients couldn't find me.

Not only that, there was a site for "Why I Love Coach Bags?" on page 2. LOL

Everything changed when a mentor of mine strong armed me into picking a specialty within the love coaching segment of the life coaching community.

I chose breakup recovery. Then I blogged and blogged about it.  Why?  Blogging is the fastest way to build your expertise and credibility.

Today, if you google breakup recovery, there are 4,240,000 hits and I am on page 2 on my way to page 1. Your Tango is really helping me. My clients are finally finding me when they google for help.

I write my blog to the person who is awake in the middle of the night wondering, "Why did he breakup with me?" As a matter of fact, I often put a question like this into google so I can see what my competition is offering and for keyword ideas.

When you get really specific with your ideal client/customer/reader and focus your blog on them and the problem you solve for them, you will have all you need to attract, connect with and engage your Debbie Disasters, whoever they are.

Remember, everything you post on your blog, tweet or share on Facebook, you are creating a separate url. That is the only way google knows who you are….the go-to expert in your field. So…get blogging, time's a' wastin!

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This article was originally published at . Reprinted with permission from the author.