Eatsexy with Aphrodisiacs: Eggs


Find out more aphrodisiac facts about eggs and what you can do with them.

Did you know that eggs are considered to be an aphrodisiac? Not only are they cunic shaped, but they are filled with ingredients that are great for your libido. The aphrodisiac appeal goes back to the days of the Greeks. They ate sparrow eggs because Aphrodite declared it the bird of love. While sparrow eggs are not that common to eat today, all types are eggs are included as aphrodisiacs whether it is caviar or a carton of Farmland eggs right out of the grocery store.

Eggs signify new life and fertility. Throughout the years eggs have been symbolic in various cultures such as the French would break an egg on their front door to guarantee a big family and the Egyptians believed that eggs were made from the sun and moon. Did you know that the karma sutra list sparrow eggs as good for potency?

Chicken eggs are believed to be great for sex if eaten raw right before you get into the action, though this is not considered be safe. These eggs are high in B5 and B6 which relieve stress and balance hormones. Both are key ingredients for a healthy sex life. Caviar eggs are the ultimate sign in fertility. They are rich in protein and zinc, plus they stimulate the formation of testosterone. Sounds like a good egg to have around.

Basically pick an egg, any egg, and you see where this aphrodisiac takes you.

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