Be Orgasmic with a Jimmyjane Form 3


If you want to get your clit off and running with an instrument of pleasure, try Jimmyjane Form 3.

It is said the most common orgasm a woman can have is the clitoral orgasm either direct or indirect. A fun fact is that the clitoris is made from the same material as the penis. Just like the penis, the clitoris fills with blood and becomes erect during sexual arousal. If you want to get your clit off and running with an instrument of pleasure, try the Jimmyjane Form 3.

This curved clit vibrator is like a silicone touchpad that amplifies touch. It focuses on the exact spot on your body where it is placed. Due to the curve, it can bend to meet the places and spaces that get you off. This girl gadget for the boudoir, feels more like a vibrating tongue than a vibrator.

Jimmyjane Form 3 is a high quality vibrator that is made from medical-grade, phthalate-free platinum silicone and stainless steel. It has four vibration moods, five power levels, waterproof, and is rechargeable. It last for a pleasure packed 7 hours, now that is good lovin’. And it is also great to take when you travel; taking your pleasure on the road is always a good thing.

It has been deemed the vibrator that is “me” time meets “we” time, because it can be used solo or with your boo. After all why should you get to have all the fun with your toy, sharing is caring. You can use it with a partner during foreplay and sex. Use it while you stroke your man’s penis or testicles; and your man can use it on your clitoris and labia. During sex, put in between you the two of you so that the lip vibes against the clitoris. If you are flying solo, use it to focus on touching your clitoris, labia, or other hot spots on your body.

While you may think that the Jimmyjane 3 costs way more than other vibrators, know that is has a 3 year warranty. You can rock as much as you want and then get another one in case you rock it to death. It is far better for your body than a lot of the other vibrators on the market. When you treat your body better, your body is better to you.

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