History Lesson: The Germani vs Britons

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Sex behaviors of warriors in Julius Caesar's time

I usually catch up on my leisure reading when I travel. Lately I’ve indulged in books about the history of sex, but it’s even more rewarding to find sexy history in non-sexy books.


The History of White People by Nell Irvin Painter is fascinating. Not that I’m a history buff At. All., but it would appear that she’s a super thorough researcher. For example, this tidbit struck me….

Julius Caeser wrote one of the first observational accounts of White folks in Europe (See On the Gallic War, 54 bce). He noticed a striking difference between the Germani and the Britons, known to us as the Germans and British.


Caesar wrote that young German men would live among women – like showering beside them in the rivers, but would not have intercourse until age 20. They generally thought that having sex would negatively impact one’s warrior skills. BOTTOM LINE: Not being sexually active would make you taller, stronger, and braver. Their excess sexual energy also fueled random acts of encouraged violence. Antoine says, “Hide yo wife, hide yo kids!!!”


As for the Britons, Caesar writes that the men formed little groups of 10 or so and shared their wives. Scenario: Dad would share wife with brother and/or son. The children were considered to belong to the formal partner, or the husband. . . Good times, people, good times for all.

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