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Dating Coach, Marriage and Family Therapist, Marriage Educator, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach, Sex Coach, Speaker/Presenter

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"And they lived happily ever after"... How do you make the fantasy a reality? Develop the skills to achieve a happy, healthy marriage which gets better over time. A great investment you won't regret! More engaged and newly married couples are using pre-marital or couples counseling as a proactive, preventive measure establishing a strong foundation from which the relationship can successfully grow. In this process, which is a minimum of 6 sessions, you will develop practical communication skills and deeper intimacy. We will explore your hopes, fears and expectations by addressing: communication skills,family dynamics, spirituality and religion, money, sex and intimacy,and other relevant topics. Now is the time, before habits set and the kids arrive, to learn practical skills and knowledge that will launch you into a happy, healthy, and successful marriage. 

About Kyle Corsiglia

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist (MFC 39244), a graduate of the California Institute of Integral Studies. My experience includes working for ten years in the field of sales and marketing before attaining my master’s degree in counseling psychology and my professional license. I appreciate the struggle between one’s desire for material acquisitions and one’s deeper need to experience life more authentically -- to find balance, joy, and meaning in one’s work, relationships, and family life.

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Kyle Corsiglia Success Stories

Healthy choice. Healthy relationship.

Women seeking a relationship

One woman came to me distraught over her most recent break up. She was in her late forties, smart, beautiful, and successful. She owned her own home, had a vibrant community of friends, was a volunteer at her local church; she had a full and wonderful life, except she had not found "her guy."  My client was at her wit's end when she came in, heartbroken, and preparing to have a baby on her own, while she still could. more

In our work together, my client was able to unravel the negative messaging she had internalized from her childhood that undermined her choices in men. She had a habit of choosing men who were emotionally unavailable, who would ultimately break up with her, leaving my client feeling abandoned, rejected, and in a state of self doubt. 

We traced these feelings and negative beliefs back to her childhood. When she was five, her father left. Her parents divorced. Her child-self internalized this experience of loss as rejection, and evidence that she was somehow not "ok."  Meeting the simple truth of her childhood loss with awareness and compassion, grieving for what has passed, and challenging the mind's negative narrative freed my client to make better choices. 

She recognized that unavailable men usually got her juices flowing. In reality these unavailable men were lighting up an old pattern of relationship based on wounding and self forgetting. My client had to adjust her palette, and acquire an appreciation and desire for a man who was available.  In no time at all, she magnetized two men, "the player" and "the nice guy." Given the opportunity to see her conditioned habit, she chose to do something differently. She dated the man who was not only was smart, successful, and caring, but  emotionally available. Today, they are happily married, with two beautiful children.

In her despair, my client seized the opportunity to seek help, to develop self awareness, turn towards her fears and negative beliefs and to reclaim her happiness.