Alone on Valentines Day? ROCK On!


Ready Set...Valentines Day is next week and I’m single. I’m at 0% Sadness!

I’m NOT SAD! WOW that realization hit me today!

I purchased a new book for the new year called “365 Questions and Answers a day for 5 years” by Potter Style and todays question was “On a scale of 1-10 how sad are you today…..”  

And I actually from the heart wrote “0”! 

For those who know me well….. That is a miracle … or is it?. When I did my Breakthrough Session in November 2014 at my training to become a Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) Master Practitioner, the emotion of SADNESS was always bubbling just at the surface of emotional skin. Someone would just mention Christmas and tears would come to my eyes because my two grown children would be with their Dad and I would be alone that Christmas.

During my first experience with MER® release technique I was taken on my timeline through hypnosis, went into an event that carried great sadness and felt it so acutely that I could’t stop crying. My poor student MER® Specialist was left in the chair with no subject, as I ran out of the room sobbing. Wracking sobs from deep in my soul. One of the trainers came to me and first did some Energy work to calm me down and then completed the release. My body went through a physical response of shaking as the sadness i'd carried so long was released. The feeling of being lighter and free were incredibly apparent immediately.

At that moment in time my true “Transformation” began. That day started what I call the THREE Change Essentials……

RELEASE  - the negative emotions that are holding you back! Find a practitioner with a process that resonates with YOU.

FOCUS– Focus and get clear on what YOU want. Build habits and strategies that work for you!  Get clear on what brings you happiness ….. everyday.

ACTION  - Take action, take care of you, do the work it takes with a coach, therapist, or a mentor to help you support and maintain the changes that you are making.

And today Valentines Day is this week and I’m single.  I’ve been focused on finding “the one” for at least 6 years!!  I am not in a relationship and I am not sad about it.  This is huge for me! AND I can truthfully say…. I feel great!  I’m at 0% sadness! 

So much is filling my new life here in Oregon that I’m grateful for this very special time of just being with me. Clearing my life of all things “clutter” (well that’s another blog!) and living fully present everyday.

The takeaway....  RELEASE the emotions that are holding YOU back with the proper help. Take a look at my website www.DoLoveRight.com/breakthrough and see it this is a process that will work for you. Contact me.  But take the first step! Get the help that you need to love and trust in you. Each day take a moment to be still. Listen. Be quiet, and choose love!

With blessings and have an amazing day filled with love for yourself today! You ROCK!!