Use Your Mind To Attract Your Perfect Partner (EXPERT)

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If you think that it's easy to find the right guy for you, then it will be.

For some women finding the man of their dreams can be a life long, frustrating, endeavor. 

One of my closest friends, who happens to also be an amazingly positive person, finally 

found her perfect partner. She went through four husbands before she found Robert when

she was 49 years old.

I guarantee that you don't have to spend painful years trying to find your perfect partner. 

When you learn to pay attention to your thoughts and shift your beliefs about men and

relationships you'll be amazed at how good you feel during the process.

In the past, I used to think that a women's looks and her clothes were of utmost

importance in attracting her perfect partner. As I matured I became aware that who I am

inside - my values, my qualities as a partner, and my kindness were much more

important. Both of these paled, however, when I learned my most valuable lesson.

After my divorce I learned the that the most important aspect of ever finding my perfect

partner had to do with my beliefs. My innermost thoughts and beliefs have everything to

do with my success or failure in life and IN LOVE.

Most likely you've heard this before "What you focus on with your thought and feeling is

what you attract into your experience." Maybe you are aware of this concept. Maybe it's

new for you. Remember the last time you bought a car? Your thoughts were focused on

your new car. For the next few days you probably noticed lots of cars, just like yours. Did

it seem that there were more cars just like yours or were you just aware of them? Of

course there were no more than last month. When you focused your awareness on these

cars you simply noticed them.

Imagine that you have been worrying and complaining about the lack of good men who are

right for you. "There are no good men out there for me." This is a real thought that you

hold as a result of your experience. You've had this thought for a long time. Just like the

example with the car, what would you be noticing? As long as you are focusing your

awareness on the lack of men all you will be aware of is that there are no men who are

good partner material for you. Your thoughts like to be proven correct and those very

same thoughts will direct you to only focus on the men who aren't right for you. You will

never notice the one in the group who could become a perfect partner. 

Is it 100% true that there is no perfect partner out there for you? Of course not. If other 

people can find the love of their life you can too. The problem is that as long as the

thought "There are no good men out there for me." is in your mind, you'll find a way to

prove yourself correct.

The solution? Create a new thought and notice how much better it feels to repeat it in your 

mind. Here's a good one for you: 

"It would be great if I could find the perfect partner for me." 

Try it out for a month and come back and let me know what positive things happened in

your life.