Practice Positive Thinking (EXPERT)


Choose Your Thoughts and Be More Positive.

I'm extremely lazy when it comes to certain areas of my life.

For example, I'll spend loads of time going to workshops, learning, and studying in my field, but won't bother to take the time to match my socks. I'm so lazy that one day I bought 12 pairs of identical socks so I didn't have to bother finding mates and matching them.

I've been guilty of being lazy in other ways too. In the past I was lazy about being aware of my thoughts. I didn't want to bother dealing with them. Especially the ones that didn't make me feel good. I was an expert at ignoring my thoughts, and even my feelings.

Now that I've learned how important thoughts are, I make it a point to check in with myself and notice how I feel. If I'm not feeling great emotionally, I know it has everything to do with my thoughts.

We have thousands of thoughts flowing through our minds every day. Unfortunately a lot of them are old, repetetive negative thoughts. Have you ever noticed that one worry plays over and over in your mind?  Worries and fears have a way of constantly nagging us and making us feel bad.

I spent years thinking I had to live with the thoughts in my mind and accept them as real. As a result, my life was miserable. I was negative and felt as if the world was against me. I used to choose the thought "No one loves me." I believed my thought was true even though this wasn't what I wanted. It was sad that I never chose the thought "It would feel great if I could feel loved." I never knew it was possible.

30 years ago I learned that I could choose my thoughts. I could just pick them as if I was choosing a flavor of ice cream.

I just needed someone to teach me how. 

I practice choosing my positive thoughts every day and I feel great. I now teach people how to do what I've learned. My goal is to teach as many people as possible how to direct and choose their thoughts to become more positive. My life keeps getting better and better as I continue to choose better feeling thoughts.

Here's another thing. I now fold my socks. Now it's easy for me to choose the right ones every day. The same way I choose my thoughts every day.