3 Changes Lindsay Lohan Must Make Now

3 Changes Lindsay Lohan Must Make Now [EXPERT]
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It's been a long downward spiral for Lindsay and only she has the power to fix her image.

If Lindsay Lohan wants to be appreciated as an accomplished actress, she's going to have to make a few changes. People frequently experience a huge disconnect between what they want and what they are doing to achieve it. What typically gets in the way of achieving their goals are negative and erroneous thoughts.

In my practice, I help people improve their lives and enjoy more fulfilling relationships by teaching them tools that they can use to direct their thoughts. Lindsay Lohan's career has been famously erratic. From a popular Disney star to a movie star, she has shown that she is good at her craft. Her laundry list of arrests, lies and drama has negatively affected her career and it's not where she wants it to be. Her career will never be as successful as it once was unless Lindsay makes a few changes.

Take Responsibility

When I am paid to do a workshop or participate in an upcoming speaking engagement, I make sure that I'm well rested and show up on time. Then, I can focus on what I want to accomplish and give it 110%.

Lindsay, if your career is truly important what are you willing to do? Do you need to take responsibility and plan more? What might happen if you abstain from partying the night before work? You'll probably show up looking and feeling awesome. It's not difficult. Millions of people can do it and so can you.

Surround Yourself With Good People

It has been said that we are the average of the five people we hang around with the most. Lindsay, when you think about your friends, are they the kind who always tell you how great you are? Are they the sort who drink with you for hours and hope you'll pay the tab? Do you feel great when you are with them?

Ask yourself, "If I was a clerk in a department store, would they still want to be with me?" The people who are your friends are the ones who would be with you regardless of your money or career.

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