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Being consciously aware increases your accuracy for desired results due to your intention.

Mastering the Art of Feeling Good  Intro Series: Part-1

We unconsciously utilize our personal power randomly and have become reliant on particular aspects of it through repetition and recognition of results. But going forth unconsciously, will be a "hit-or-miss" at best. Being consciously aware, on the other hand, increases your accuracy for desired results due to your intention.

The very first aspect in developing your conscious awareness is to learn, know and accept your own divinity. You are a creator by birth-right. You are a part of a Oneness that is the universe - some call it God, the Life Source, Higher Power, Nature, Buddha, Allah, or similar. We are all a part of, and made up of the same as, the entire universe - energy. To imagine: we are swimming in the Life Source as it saturates our being, making us all a part of this one big organism, so to speak, called Life.

As you examine nature, you'll realize that all around you is positive growth and thriving. Plants know what to do to thrive, animals know what to do to thrive, water life, the same - even the earth itself. The only species left, sometimes unknowing, is the human species. And that's because we have our own minds that allow us to make choices. So sometimes we get lost, we get caught up, we make unwise decisions for ourselves, and we forget to listen to our inner, divine guidance system (our instincts, our all-knowingness).

Our spirit is the largest part of who we are. Yet when we see our bodies, we create the delusion of separateness in our minds. You are not just your body with a mind. You are not just a mind that doesn't need your body. Your spirit, your soul, is in each bit of energy within you, as well as it extends much further beyond your body. Your mind is the gatekeeper to the spirit, and can positively or negatively affect the health of your body.

To live with intention and to be able to tap more of your personal power, you must acknowledge and understand how the body/mind/spirit work as one. Only then will you be able to utilize a maximum of your own personal power, which ultimately interacts with the greater life source. It's a beautiful realization of finding out who and what you really are and how you fit into this universe.

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