Start Over With Family This Thanksgiving

Self, Family

Use this example when trying to break through to family members on Thanksgiving.

We both embraced one idea that came to us, after recognizing judgments of one another is keeping our families from being together more often and enjoying each other more when we do spend time — like today. Kids, I'm mostly speaking of the adults here, but we are passing all of this on to you in subtle ways, so I want you all to pay attention as well.

We decided it would be a good idea to get the family together to consider one idea that will allow us to love and enjoy each other more freely. It will feel good and we can have more fun! Who wants to feel good and have more fun with and around each other? Good! Because we are it! All of us here are the family that we get to go through this life with — and more will be coming.

The idea is simply this ... It's human nature to judge others. It's not the ideal part of human nature, but it does exist in all of us. And as it is throughout the world, judgments usually occur in families when someone is not living the life that you've picked for yourself as the best way to do it. So we thought it would be nice if we saved that trait of human nature for the rest of the population outside of our family and keep a "no-judgment" policy among us.

There are over 7 billion others in the world that, if we feel compelled, we can spread our judgments upon when we really need to. But when it comes to our own family, us sitting here at this table today, we will suspend judgments all together. We all have our quirks and we all have our gleaming assets about us. So we want to practice just accepting one another for who and what we are, and go forward in love and fun. Does that sound good to everyone — not to be judged yourself for the price of not judging those in your own family?

Now, I would like to go around the table and ask everyone to pick one person and reveal 3 things about that person that you respect, admire or love about him or her. Once a person has been chosen, they cannot be picked again. Then we can eat!"

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