Start Over With Family This Thanksgiving

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Use this example when trying to break through to family members on Thanksgiving.

Like most people, you may experience ups and downs with the family. Families often become somewhat disconnected due to years of building little resentments or creating judgments of one another, because people in families often live life a bit differently than each other — most thinking that their way is best.

The Thanksgiving holiday is a perfect time to offer up some ideas that each can consider for bringing the family back to what you want it to be and start having more fun with each other in the light of love and connection.

Below is an example of a dialog that can take place at your house — with appropriate revisions to best suit your family situation of course. In doing some version of this at your Thankgiving dinner table, you offer a way for acceptance, appreciation, gratitude, peace and love and open everyone up to the possibility of enjoying each other in a new light.

Here's how it's going to go down at my house:

As we all join at the table with the feast before us, everyone is anticipating the the delicious meal we're about to devour. I'll have everyone's attention for just a time before the traditional instruction from the host of "Let's eat!" is announced. Everyone knows that I can't help but take the opportunity, when Thanksgiving happens at my house, to go around the table before we eat asking everyone to express a bit of gratitude for something, in the spirit of the day.

This year will be a little different. This is what I'll say:

"I'm so happy that we're all here together today. You all know my sister and I (now the elders of the family) recently spent a few days together at her new weekend get-away place. Throughout that time, we discussed the current state of disconnection with the family — this is not where we want it to be.

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