10 Minutes To Bring The Passion Back Into Your Relationship

Love, Self

Remember what it was like when you both felt so in love? You can get that back in about 10 minutes!

Take the time to think about your partner compassionately, like you might a friend in need or even a stranger. Really. Look at your partner realistically, a mere human being like you, that desires and deserves to be loved and just wants to get his/her needs met. And like you, this lover of yours wants to avoid suffering in life, which no one can escape; it's what catapults us into growth and change. Still, it's true for you and it's true for your partner.

So as you think about, or look onto your partner's face, with the same compassin you would offer a friend or stranger, an interesting thing happens. In experiencing your feelings of compassion, you'll find that it's a similar yearning of the heart to love and to give your good to another. It's not a feeling of pity, but a feeling of deservingness. And in that moment of pure love and understanding, you'll remember why you fell in love in the first place, and why this person is deserving of your goods - all ill feelings melt away in this moment.

Two suggestions:

  1. Offer this time of viewing your partner with compassion. Repeat the practice often until you see the change in your relationship. When you begin to make your partner a top priority again showing how much you value, appreciate and admire him/her, you will notice it being reciprocated.
  2. Self-compassion: Do this practice on yourself too. Find a quiet, alone time to look at yourself from outside (admittedly somewhat difficult), as if looking upon another person deserving of your compassion. What do you see? Self-compassion allows you to understand that you are deserving of loving relationships at a very deep level.

Compassion for your lover, while also having compassion for yourself, will open up a whole new chapter in your love relationship - one filled with PASSION. What are you waiting for? Ten minutes today could change your life immediately!

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