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All of us desire to live productive, fulfilling, and enriching lives. But we all hit rough patches along the way. I am a relational wellness therapist and coach. I help people who have hit a rough patch emotionally or relationally (personally, intimately, or in work relationships) to produce intentional, effective and productive connections and find enduring strategies to maintain your hard work. I have greatly enjoyed working as a therapist for over 20 years. I have a special heart for relationships and marriages, but I also work often with clients who are struggling with anxiety, depression, or adjustment to life changes.

About Joyce Webb

Joyce Webb, PhD is the owner of Webb PhD Associates and works as a professional consultant and coach, teacher, therapist and program trainer and curriculum developer for healthy marriage/relationship programs. After completing her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas, Joyce attended Southern Methodist University where she earned a Master of Arts in Psychology and a doctorate degree in Psychology. Her extensive experience includes private practice, managing two counseling centers, professional corporate training and workshop development, personality and marriage research, rural community development coaching, grant writing and reviewing, and teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels. In 2006, she helped develop and implement the very successful Marriage for Keeps research and service program in Kansas. In 2004, Joyce co-founded the Kansas Healthy Marriage Institute and continues to provide leadership and direction for this non-profit organization working to strengthen marriages and families in Kansas.

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