The 5 Most Common Dating Epiphanies

The 5 Most Common Dating Epiphanies [EXPERT]

Maybe you spend extended time with his parents and notice that his father seems to shut down during intense discussions. Maybe your boyfriend confides in you one night that money was very tight when he was growing up and he never had guidance when it came to money management skills. Suddenly, it all becomes clear and easy to understand.

5. "I believe you." One of the best pieces of advice I've ever heard comes from Oprah's best friend, Maya Angelou."The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them." This is especially difficult when we don't want to believe what we see or when we want the other person to be different. 3 Essential Tips For Traveling As A Couple

The "Aha" moment happens when you realize that despite what you want so badly, the truth is right in front of you. For example, take a woman who has fallen for a guy she thinks is perfect, but he's upfront and adament about not wanting a relationship. She tries to convince him that she wouldn't be a clingly girlfriend, that she will be worth it and that he will regret it later. However, her moment of clarity comes when she thinks to herself, "I don't want to be with someone I have to convince to love me" and shuts the door on the relationship.

Have you ever had an "Aha" moment while dating?

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