Why You Shouldn't Say 'I Love You' Too Soon

Why You Shouldn't Say 'I Love You' Too Soon [EXPERT]

Why it might be wise to wait a little longer before telling him how you feel.

Another reason to avoid saying "I love you" too soon is the obvious one — you don't want to scare him off! While I'm a big believer that there is nothing wrong with a woman saying "I love you" first, saying it both first and too soon is a one-two-punch that might freak out most guys.

When you burst out those three words after only five dates, you come across as desperate and needy. Your guy might have a hard time deciphering if you truly love him or if you are just in love with the idea of being in love. 5 Common Myths About Sex

It also tells him that you are desperate to nail him down and are hoping he'll respond accordingly to reassure you that you're the only woman he's seeing. Most guys take these three little words immensely seriously though and won't go throwing them around just to give you a false sense of security or boost your confidence.

Before you profess your love to someone, it's important to evaluate if what you're feeling is truly love or something else, like infatuation or lust. Sometimes at first glance, these emotions can seem like love, but upon further inspection, you might realize that you aren't in love yet after all. Or perhaps you want to be in love so badly that you're willing to pretend you are in love.

Instead of giving your love away for free, hold on to it; treasure it. Don't give it to a man who has potential or who you hope could be "the one." When you do meet "the one," you'll be glad you didn't waste your "I love you" on anyone else. 3 Essential Tips For Traveling As A Couple