3 Ways To Have The Sexiest Summer Ever


The best ways to take advantage of the heat and create your own.

There is just something so undeniably sexy about summer.  The sultry days, long steamy nights and plethora of shirtless men everywhere you look sets the stage for quite a sexy couple of months.  Here is how to make the most of your time in the sun and have the sexiest summer of your life in the process.

1. Get active...and sweaty.  Before you know it, we'll be stuck indoors, lamenting the rain or snow and wishing summer wasn't so far away.  Summer is the perfect time to play beach volleyball, waterski or simply go for a run in the morning sun.  The sexy part? You won't be the only one out and about getting hot and sweaty, so there is a high chance you'll bump into a sweaty stranger doing the same thing. Getting physical also puts you in tune with your body, and the eye candy is always better in the summer.

2. Get out of town.  Summer is the perfect time to throw your bikini in a bag, grab some sunscreen and hit the road, even if it's just for the weekend.  By getting yourself out of your everyday element, you're exposing yourself to new adventures, experiences and oh yes, new romantic interests.  Even if a summer fling isn't on your radar, a little bit of flirting never hurt anyone! Forget about your responsibilities and "real life" for a few hours-they will be watiing for you.

3. Take a risk. No, we aren't necessarily talking about jumping off cliffs into the ocean or dying your black hair blonde...although, more powere to you! Letting yourself be a bit carefree this summer on a smaller scale can still shake things up. It can be something as simple as trading your pale pink nail polish for neon, or accepting a date with someone who isn't your standard type and reserving judgement. Once you step outside your comfort zone, you'll realize that life is just waiting to surprise you if you let it.